"If you want to sneak in an ad that doesn't necessarily belong in Kongregate, I guess a little creative spelling is one way to do it," wrote Ben J.


Stephen wrote, "Thank you Holiday Inn, in case of 'NA', 'NA', or a bed, I'll take ...a bed, I guess."


"With all the oddities in Microsoft product naming and versioning you just knew we were eventually coming to this," writes John.


"It's a little cool this morning, but no worries - by 1 am it should be plenty warm! Sunday and the following Friday look good too", wrote Israel B.


"I booked a cheap flight on a brand new airline, apparently before they had a chance to add the brand name to the code that sends a confirmation email," writes Eric G.


Daniel N. writes, "Between a 404 short URL and the account page claiming I made a payment decades before I was even born, I'm beginning to think banking with Citi might be a mistake to correct in the near future."


"Did I add enough money? Did I add too much? Who knows...it's not defined," wrote Edward W.


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