"Thanks for the explanation because thanks for the explanation because false!" writes Paul N.


"The strangest part is that only one of those functions actually works, the other gives 'undefined symbol' when you try to compile it," wrote Gus.


Awn U. writes, "The thing I hate about getting a new cell number is that sometimes, I get strange texts from numbers that I don't know."


"I can't help but imagine there's an admin who was wondering, 'I wonder which bus stop signs in the county support HTML? Let's see' before pushing some button before going home for the weekend," writes David.


Raphael wrote, "Apple only uses the ol' renewalDate.name tactic when you're really close to the expiration date."


Kushagra B. wrote, "I've been working very hard lately and and it shows!"


"Steam?! What's that?!" Matt writes.


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