"Microsoft has really stepped up their remote publishing game with their Visual Studio 2017 RC!" writes Robert M.


Ronan wrote, "I was reading an article on ArsTechnica when suddenly, PHP."


"The USPS has a new offer where I can either wait until Monday, or pony up more than double the shipping cost, for the package to arrive...Monday," writes Richard H.


"I inherited a project that uses Razor and soon after, headed off to Google," Jim B. wrote, "I'm all for trying anything but I might have to wait until after work."


"Thankfully, I now won't have to worry about little things like where I'm going on my holiday, since Royal Jordanian's booking engine seems to think my plane will be visiting every airport in the world!" writes Murray C.


Nikola writes, "Um, Skype? Are you feeling ok?"


"For me and using Steam, it's errors all the way down," wrote Matthew W.


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