"Not quite sure what to do here... should I, or shouln't I turn of my computer... and what about my uter?" wrote Peter P.


Craig W. writes, "Hmm...Garmin's definition of 'near' seems to be just a little different than mine."


"Request free ZLMP sample? Get free XLMP instead!" writes Erik T.


"I remember learning about 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock and so on, but I'm pretty sure they never taught us about the time mentioned in this email," wrote Tim.


"My grandmother said that her computer was running slow. I think I found out why," writes Alfred A.


Alfred A. wrote, "So many choices, but neither are what I need to click on."


Hesham M. writes, "I dunno, maybe jjjjdjdjdjdjjdjjdjdjdjdj means 'the test was successful' in some other language?"


"I can't tell if it's really windy or the vacuum of space," Greg wrote.


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