"It's great I can ship my favorites to Europe, I just wish I knew what they were," writes Nick.


"Nope. I don't think I'll be buying my Froot Loops there," wrote Bernard.


"I'm kind of afraid and yet curious to see what would happen if I attempted to convert 1 AUD into USD," writes John.


"Whoa! I wonder where I could get one of them driver's licenses that don't expire for 60 years," wrote Russ.


"Ah yes...The dreaded 'infinite spam notification loop'," writes Jeff J.


"While tracking a package via Israel Post's website it became so confused that it ATE the error!" Dor writes.


"As the year winds down I thought a good idea to review mutual fund options," Dan wrote, "However, I found myself wondering why they only rate against 0x8000 other funds and not 0xFFFF."


"Okay...I give up. Microsoft, you win. YES," Alan wrote.


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