"According to channel 7 in Australia these guys are right into trawling for content," Martin.


Maciek asks,, "So...Where do you submit an issue with Office 365's Issue List?"


"Plug Samsung Galaxy 4 Active into Windows 7 computer. Wait. Windows chooses the BEST driver for mounting a mobile phone share via USB. Cry," writes Anon.


"Some industry-specific terminology in a company manual I'd imported into Google Docs was not found Google's spellcheck dictionary," writes Louis N., "It turns out that Google's dictionary wasn't just missing industry lingo."


Mike writes, "If only I had a time machine, then I could travel into the future to get a machine that meets these specs!"


"Apparently the Industrial Revolution was a little more revolutionary than I first realized," writes Kartikeya I.


"Wow - I'm torn. I usually go with google.co.uk, but I'd be willing to give google.co.uk a shot too," wrote John.


"I just noticed this on a package of Bluetooth dongles we ordered," Tim T. wrote, "A quick Google search seems to indicate it's a VB.NET error message."


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