"We spent a good deal of time developing our customer information display software, to make it easy for our users to update the daily menu screen outside our restaurant," Steve M. wrote, "Someone, however, noticed that the price of the Fish Steak Crunch was wrong, and decided to take a more hardware-based approach to doing the update."


"I was expecting an in depth article about the pitfalls of MongoDB, but it seems the author is still failing," writes Gary S.


"Speedtest.net's new non-flash site isn't just great, it's off the charts!" wrote Kevin C.


Wouter wrote, "If anybody needs me, I'll be entering my PIN for the next few days."


"If the formula wasn't broken before, it sure is now," writes Mike.


"Maybe this is just a clever anti-VLC ad?" writes Ben M.


Adam wrote, "Recieved this status message recently from switch monitoring software I did."


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