"Though the scenic route is tempting, I think I'll drive instead of taking the bus," writes Alfred'o.


"I was trying to copy a file when TeraCopy went completely insane," writes Edwin.


James Bengeyfield wrote, "Accept no substitute, all storage jars should have authentic pig noises."


"Business News Daily posted an article that lists readers' least favorite ad types...and then proceeds to use those very types of ads in the article," Chris Lively wrote.


"I got this message while downloading the latest version of PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel via Microsoft's Internet Explorer onto a Microsoft Windows machine," wrote Michael Bugg, "Apparently Microsoft has some serious trust issues with itself."


John W. wonders, "Well, which one do I pick 0 or 00?"


Finally, our own Alex Papadimoulis can't find out what time it is (was?) back at home on his Galaxy Nexus.