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One of my all-time favorite reader comics was Matt. C's #205432 ("Magenta Kong"). It was one of the many great reader comics on 2.6: A Roadblock. Since then, Matt. C has done the unthinkable: he turned Magenta Kong into an actual Flash-based game. It's built from entirely scratch in ActionScript without a single ROM hack in sight. [expand full text]
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Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-02 22:48 • by Matt.C • 25 Replies • Last 2008-09-10 12:45
Hey there!

I'm Matt.C, and I made the ridiculous Flash game you see above. Enjoy!

If you've got any questions about the game, feel free to ask 'em down here in the comments. (In image form, of course.)

If any of you are (un)lucky to have seen the original Magenta Kong arcade cabinet back in the early eighties, you'll probably remember the hideously garish banner art on the front and sides, and if you were especially lucky, you'll have been around when the screen used to smoke (and the smell) after it had been on for more than a few hours.

The Magenta Kong cabinet came with a pretty useless manual, if you got it at all (and they didn't give you the Chinese one by accident). Here's the 'SCENARIO' pages from the English MK manual, if they're any help to you. (Along with some complimentary scrawls from my (much) younger self.)

Addendum (2008-09-02 22:55):
Watch out, dialup users! The manual photograph is quite large: ~900k.

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 08:30 • by DoctorFriday • 0 Replies
Sorry folks - no MFD Extra from me today - no way am I going do anything that might steal Matt C.'s spotlight (I know you're all disappointed)

Great effort and a great result. My hat goes off to you, sir!

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 09:04 • by lolwtf • 1 Replies • Last 2008-09-04 09:10
Think of all the things you could have done with the time you wasted on that.

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 09:15 • by blindy (unregistered)0 Replies

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 09:20 • by idol • 1 Replies • Last 2008-09-04 10:15

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 09:50 • by McVaio • 1 Replies • Last 2008-09-04 10:36
LOL! This is awesome! :D

Hoe did you make the sounds?

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 12:07 • by Lealcy B. Jr. (unregistered)1 Replies • Last 2008-09-04 12:08

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 13:38 • by luctus (unregistered)4 Replies • Last 2008-09-04 21:06

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 13:50 • by Blackice (unregistered)0 Replies

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 14:20 • by icebird (unregistered)4 Replies • Last 2008-09-08 09:12

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-04 15:54 • by Grey Squire (unregistered)0 Replies

You missed something--this is really hard without it too

2008-09-05 00:02 • by CAD • 0 Replies

It would appear to have some issues

2008-09-05 01:34 • by QA (unregistered)0 Replies

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-05 02:58 • by jstone • 5 Replies • Last 2008-09-06 01:57
How in the world did you manage to create a browser-specific Flash applet? I tried this in IE, Safari, Opera, and a couple of Gecko-based browsers, and it consistently fails to work in anything other than Internet Explorer.

In the other browsers, it ignores any keypresses other than P (Pause) and 3 (see below).

Even when running under IE, it seems to have some issues; in particular, pressing 3 during gameplay causes a "Name Registration" screen to come up superimposed over the game, with there being no obvious way to get rid of it.

Another weirdness: I notice that the cursor keys work in addition to the WASD keys, but they also scroll the browser page at the same time.

Thank You for your Contribution

2008-09-05 05:55 • by JR (unregistered)0 Replies

Re: Magenta Kong

2008-09-13 06:26 • by ukch (unregistered)0 Replies
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