Turn Off Your Uter

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2014-11-21

"Not quite sure what to do here... should I, or shouln't I turn of my computer... and what about my uter?" wrote Peter P.

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WTF from A to Z

by TJ Mott in CodeSOD on 2014-11-19

Alex's customers were having issues with a web project management console developed by a coworker. Upon opening the code to see what was causing all the JavaScript errors, he learned that the original developer was clearly an expert in web development standards. The code file itself was JavaScript. The use of the .css() function definitely proved his mastery of Cascading Style Sheets. Hard-coded tags demonstrated his deep knowledge of HTML. Finally, his variable naming scheme is essential to maintaining the coveted "Now I Know My ABC's" certification.

var i = "DivContainer";
var j = "DEFAULT";
var k = "DEFAULT";
var l = a(document.createElement("select")).css("min-width", "200px").append(a(document.createElement("option")).val(""));
var m = a(document.createElement("select")).css("min-width", "200px").append(a(document.createElement("option")).val(""));
var n = a(document.createElement("select")).css("min-width", "200px").append(a(document.createElement("option")).val(""));
var o = a(document.createElement("input")).attr("name", "group1").attr("id", "RessRadio").attr("type", "radio");
var p = a(document.createElement("input")).css("width", "250px").attr("type", "text");
var q = a(document.createElement("input")).attr("id", "HiddenRessID").attr("type", "hidden");
var r = a(document.createElement("input")).attr("name", "group1").attr("type", "radio");
var s = a(document.createElement("input")).css("width", "250px").attr("type", "text");
var t = a(document.createElement("input")).attr("type", "hidden");
var u = a(document.createElement("a")).addClass("JButton").text("Display");
var v = a(document.createElement("label")).css("color", "Red");
var w = a(document.createElement("label")).text(" Display all employees assigned to a project: ");
var x = a(document.createElement("label")).text(" Display all projects assigned to an employee: ");
var y = a(a(this)[0]);

f = a(document.createElement("div"));
f.css("border-top", "1px solid Gray").css("width", "450px").css("padding", "5px");
f.append(a(document.createElement("table")).append(a(document.createElement("tr")).append(a("").append(a("").text("President:"))).append(a("").append(l))).append(a(document.createElement("tr")).append(a("").append(a("").text("Vice-president:"))).append(a("").append(m))).append(a(document.createElement("tr")).append(a("").append(a("").text("Head office:"))).append(a("").append(n))));

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Selling Out Again… with Puppet Labs!

by Alex Papadimoulis in Announcements on 2014-11-18

Several years back, I confessed to selling out. But there was a catch: instead of running those rubbish Google ads, we would run hand-picked ads from relevant tech companies.

This worked out wonderfully and, as many of you commented, you first heard about some really cool tools and services, here on the site. So, to commemorate the site relaunch, we wanted to do something really special and work with a select group of tools/companies in the industry to sponsor some entertaining content for you, our readers. You know, things like Radio WTF's Make It Work, OMGWTF Contest, or even Mandatory Fun Day.

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Committed to Committing Commissions

by snoofle in CodeSOD on 2014-11-17

Simon worked in a small shop that supported a sales system. One of the features of the system was that sales commissions were stored in the database. For the sake of simplicity, the sales commissions were stored as the multiplier factor needed to compute the total sale. For example, a 5% commission on $100 would be $5, so the factor would be 1.05 so you could just multiply: 100 * 1.05 -> 105.

Of course, when they needed a report that showed the percent commission for a given sale, they had to work backward from the multiplier to get the actual value.

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A Bad Day for Recovery

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2014-11-14

"I guess this gives new meaning to 'Read-Only Fridays'," writes Petr S.

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