"The Wall Street Journal was a little late in 'target'ing April Fool's Day," writes Ryan.


Pascal wrote, "Oh no! CaptialOne's website ran out of strings!"


"This showed up on a Forbes article via the Android Newsstand app. I guess if you can't comment, 'null' will do," Bruce R. writes.


Ben A. wrote, "Call me crazy, but I don't think that's a kangaroo."


Andreas writes, "Nice clothes? No cat hair on them? Need to get somewhere in style? NO PROBLEM."


"I was notified that I need to update Preme for Windows, but luckily for lazy me, the expiry date won't be coming up any time soon," Kate K. writes.


Mike E. writes, "My new wireless router was supposed to come with an Ethernet cable but I received this one instead. I sure hope it's compatible."


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