"I want to change my payment plan with Orange Mobile and get a new phone," writes David, "However, I can't even log in (or pay them) until I hand over 0.00GBP. I give up."


"I was checking out laptops on Staples.com and was thrilled to learn that they would give me $50 off of a 10 billion dollar laptop. What at deal!," writes Satish C..


Esteban wrote, "So far as errors go, I guess that's a pretty good reason."


David C. writes, "According to Microsoft Hyper-V, I created my virtual machine in the late Renaissance. I figure I'll transfer it to my Jamestown Settlement node in a few years, just as soon as my colonists finish planting corn."


"It seems that the latest that I can order from my local Domino's Pizza is a little more variable than I thought," wrote Kyle Chamberlin.


"I found this ad on a local web site," Brian M. writes, "I truly hope this lady is not engaged to her dog."


"Saw this on a computer here at work. Amazing how many events there are and only at 73MB.," writes Michael Belanger.


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