"When War Thunder crashed, apparently there were some squirrels hiding in there and they gnawed on something. I don't know which button I'm supposed to push!" Jay wrote.


"Barclays Online Banking is unsure how much money they're prepared to lend me," Matt wrote.


"I don't need yet another USB keyboard, so I was going to choose 'No Keyboard'", Iain P. writes, "but on second thought, I can't afford not to take the keyboard"


"I can't think of a way a number could be formatted like this, but Sears Checkout Rewards Redemption showed me that anything is possible," writes Brian.


This is a scan of a label that Macij S. sent in that appeared on almost all cartridges for Polish 'famiclones'. I think they included one letter too many.


"This is Picasa in Dutch. Only some strings are translated and two cancel-buttons? Come on, Google. (Oh, and 'Volledige film' is Dutch for 'Full movie')," writes Bart.


"Sometimes, even their errors have errors," writes Robert G.


"I got this pop-up while trying to update my HTC phone's USB drivers," Adam L. wrote, "Seeing as I didn't want to uninstall and the X button was disabled, I was quite confused as to which option to choose."


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