"No! Never! Absolutely not!...Well, OK, back in college. Just once," writes Jack R..


"I think Outlook has spent a little too long reading Facebook," wrote Ryan.


Paul C. wrote, "It's a little hard to believe there is a big overlap in Meat Loaf and Sound of Music fans."


Joey writes, "Noticed this when I bought a ticket in Italy with Trenitalia. Seems like someone had trouble with adding a newline."


"I pulled into the local community college and went to pay the parking meter," John S. wrote, "I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Grim Reaper was on my side."


"Fortunately for me, Dell thought of everything when they package a printer." Scott M. wrote.


"Got this one while trying to fill out a survey on telecommunications service providers," Quentin G. "I better not pick 'other' else the consequences might be a bit harsh!"


"Spirit Airlines is letting me know what my account status is," Ian writes.


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