"One of the UK's leading motoring organizations needs a little help in wand waving on its route planning web site," Cameron wrote.


"This one showed up near my work," writes Bruno V., "Hopefully the Tech guy was only Googling something."


"I want to be really sure I like it before I buy it, so I think I'll take full advantage of the trial period," writes David G., "Once I've made up my mind, my grandchildren can pay for it."


Walton H. writes, "I feel like SQL Server Management Studio might not be looking hard enough."


"This web site had the same 'lets-not-focus-too-much-on-the-facts-feel' as most other websites in this category," wrote Karl J., "So I got to wondering - what happens when you enter an invalid date as your birth date for the psychic to make predictions from?"


Steve wrote, "Because your password didn't meet our strict criteria, we assigned a more secure, randomly generated password and answer to your security question."


"I work in the IT department at a rather prestigious public university and for reasons unknown to me somebody on high decided that imposing these password limitations would make our systems "safer". Despite the outcry from those of us a bit more technologically savvy, the policy has stood for years," Liam K. writes.


"I've never called my son Nicolas - I guess that I need to start," wrote Nick.


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