"Wow! The IEEE takes privacy so seriously that they redacted the entire table of contents!" Jeremy R. wrote.


David J. wrote, "Photo from former employer's refuge area. The refuge area is, of course, the place that handicapped, elderly, injured people who cannot travel stairs during a fire are supposed to wait for the fire department."


"It seems Quora (quora.com) is struggling with dates... This 'date' appears in all questions and answers," writes Oneca.


"I am now an official backer of (null)," wrote Ace G., "As a software developer and DBA, I think it's going to be huge!"


"While running a query on StackOverflow Data Explorer, I got this interesting looking graph," Daniel G. wrote. (Check it out for yourself here)


"So, Facebook knows the result of the 2022 World Cup? Guess all that data mining has finally paid off!" Ryan M. writes.


"Well, it looks like it's going to be quite a while before I can play again," writes Leo.


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