"While poking around on my brand new Galaxy S7, I was tempted to pick one ringtone in particular," writes Ronon D..


Jerry L. wrote, "Well, using 'comment' solves half the problem."


"Does this guy really show up at anything non-Hillary, or is this just the result of WaPo photo staff budget cuts?" asks Mark R.


Scott S. writes, "Is Microsoft trying to warn me that I won't get 'Jacked' up on this iced coffee? Or that the 'chikn' is a bit fowl?"


"Java may still have its little problems and misconceptions, but for this job, the duties are pretty low impact," wrote Billy B.


"While trying to register on Honeywell's support site, I came across an interesting conflict of abbreviations that is apparently driven by unique keys not being applied across multiple columns of the database," Phil S. writes, "But my registration was successful anyway?!"


"I hear it's just as good as the brand that inspired its name," Ergin writes, "In fact, it's got quite a kick! (just make sure you have your 'safe word' handy)"


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