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    My guess: the WaPo photo is of the columnist. "Yeah, this was me back when I was protesting 'Nam...."

  • dave (unregistered)

    'Brilliant' in a musical context denotes bright, clear sounds, so it's about as far from a WTF as you can get.

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    "We are looking for a senior Java developer. Any Java or JavaScript knowledge would be useful..." The riffs just write themselves these days.

  • (nodebb) in reply to dave

    YMBNH: it's not "Brilliant".

  • RobyMcAndrew (unregistered) in reply to Watson

    Any Java or JavaScript knowledge would be useful, but as long as you can cut and paste from StackOverflow everything will be fine.

  • Shitlady (unregistered)

    It's a genderqueer comment, so of course you would pronoun them as "they".

  • Zottel (unregistered)

    WTF is Paula?

  • really (unregistered) in reply to Zottel


  • JustSomeDudette (unregistered)

    I think dave is actually Paula, if only her 'brillant' disguise had worked.

  • Nicholas "LB" Braden (github)

    Good to see Paula has moved up to Android development.

  • operagost (unregistered)

    Twas brillant, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the webs; All enterprisey were the paulabeans, And the memory allocations outgrabe.

  • Joe (unregistered) in reply to Watson

    They want an H1B

  • _that_guy_ (unregistered) in reply to operagost

    Great riff there. Or should I say, brillant?

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to Shitlady

    Did you just verbify "pronoun" ?

  • sebacote (unregistered) in reply to dave


  • (nodebb) in reply to Shitlady

    <Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to Shitlady 2016-04-22 11:38 Reply

    Did you just verbify "pronoun" ?> I'd like to see you try and pronounify a verb.

  • Elsewhere 1010 (unregistered)

    Brilliant is a musical term, meaning to play with sharpness and clarity of tone, so in this case it's being used correctly as a descriptive term (unless the tune attached is a dirge or something).

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to tharpa

    No, I'd only need to pronouninate the word "verb." Which still might be a problem...

  • Ron Fox (google) in reply to dave

    'Brilliant' in a musical context denotes bright, clear sounds, so it's about as far from a WTF as you can get.

    No sense of humor

  • (nodebb) in reply to Ron Fox

    Then you should listen to the bright, clear sounds of PDQ Bach.

  • Richtea (unregistered) in reply to Elsewhere 1010

    Yes but Brillant (no i) isn't. Brillant also being related to the Paula Bean DAILYWTF story; hence it being interesting

  • Alec Baldwin's cousin (unregistered) in reply to Ron Fox

    Paula jokes stopped being funny a long time ago. And it was not that funny to start with.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Carl Witthoft

    Although a surgeon doing gender reassignment might she someone in the morning.

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    Am I the only one who was surprised to see 'dress code' in a vacancy? Is that a normal thing in the UK? I mean, you'd see that when you meet them for a talk anyway.

  • bitti (unregistered) in reply to Alec Baldwin's cousin

    The original Paula story was a big WTF, but certainly not because of a missing "i". Besides words like "Brillant" and "Billard" come from French where they are not written with an "i", so you can argue it's more correct. In Paula's case we don't even know if she meant to write French since it was just a one word sentence. So TRWTF are all these people mocking Paula over an supposedly missing "i".

  • (nodebb) in reply to bitti

    The reason people were -are- mocking Paula wasn't for the missing I. It was for that narcissistic string being the only output after three months of work, if I remember the story right.

  • bitti (unregistered) in reply to YellowOnline

    That's right. People were more reasonable back then. But it seems it all has become about the "i" over the years. The title of this Error'd an its first submission is a good example of that.

  • Pete (unregistered)

    Of course the PaulaBean story was all about the 3 months work to deliver practically nothing, but the misspelling of brilliant was the icing on the cake, and of course other places where the same typo occurs is going to remind people of the Paula Bean. Nothing wrong with that, just a bit of fun, and not really worth getting annoyed about.

  • Kagan MacTane (unregistered)

    And the missing "i" in general is not that big a WTF... but in the case where a typo that could (and should) have been caught by a simple spell-check made it into a production, mass-market UI? TRWTF is that apparently Samsung didn't bother to spell-check anything before releasing the S7.

  • Hydranix (unregistered)

    Obvious photoshop on the Folgers "typo" picture.

    The "FLOGERS" text is perfectly level and perfectly aligned to the dimensions of the picture. Which would be an extreme accomplishment of iPhone 5 photography.

    Unrelated Info: This picture is over 3 and a half years old. The net weight of the coffee is higher on the tag than on the product. This photo was taken at the Hiller's Market that used to exist 425 N Center St, Northville, MI.

  • Whatever (unregistered) in reply to Hydranix

    "The net weight of the coffee is higher on the tag than on the product."

    No it's not; there are several types of coffee in the picture, and the sign clearly applies only to "Classic Roast".

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