"After all, it's the courage to install that counts," writes Aaron


"Cool, looks like IMAPSize has also the concept of anti-mailspace, just like matter and anti-matter?" wrote Michael B.


"Everyone knows Alienware is way overpriced, but they're taking the joke way too far," Mike H. writes.


Mike L. wrote, "I have to wonder if SQL Server even knows what it's doing."


"Great! Spending NaN zł on some games fits right into my budget!" writes Jakub C.


"While I was away from my keyboard, JIRA thought it should tell me everything is OK with a error," writes Niels.


Peter G. wrote, "Sure! I'd love to... wait, what?"


Chris D. wrote, "I ordered product.DisplayName on my satellite box, but who wouldn't? product.Price is a heck of a good deal."


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