For those of us in the US, today is our "Friday" in lieu of the Thanksgiving holiday. So, in honor of our nation's most hallowed day of feasting (and deep discount shopping the day after), here's an Error'd two days early. (Don't worry non-USians, we'll have classics running the rest of the week.) Enjoy!

"I was browsing for Grass Trimmers on the Canadian Tire website and...well...I'm not sure these would quite do the job," Brent W. writes.


"I was doing an online survey and this question came up... Guess I get to choose what error they give me?" wrote Ryan K.


"Wow...that penalty is a little bit excessive," writes Vicki K.


"I tried to look up the syntax for a recursive view on, so I tried to search for 'recursive view'. No results. 'recursive' didn't yield anything either. Nor did 'view'. Not even,'select', which is probably the most used keyword. I suppose Oracle and I disagree on what the search functionality should do," wrote Maurits.


Abbey S. writes, "I wasn't even doing anything involving removable media at the time - there was just the unexplained sad bingleybleep of a USB connection shutting down, and then this. If I had been able to determine what Drive ?????????fhqwhgads??????? *was*, I might have inserted a disk into it, just to see what would happen."


"Darn, I was hoping to get this next week not in 66 years!" wrote W. N.


Rob H. wrote, "I hoped this not to be a very accurate representation of the route, but took a small paper bag with me any way because I was afraid to be sick at bus takeoff and landing."


"I tried to uninstall VM Ware Player from my Windows 8 system: So, I can not uninstall the software because I can not install it?!" Charles M. wrote.


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