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Clean Up Your Act

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Artie S. writes:

Predict Correct

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Spell check

Steven was an engineer at a US-based company whose leadership had decided to take some dramatic cost-saving measures. A mandatory company meeting convened at 12:00PM, with nary a crumb of food in sight, to allow management to make their big announcement:

Mapping Every Possibility

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Capture all

Today, Aaron L. shares the tale of an innocent little network mapping program that killed itself with its own thoroughness:

Best of 2016: The Website Hacker

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This week, we're reviewing the best WTFs of the year. In this installment, overreactions from management are their own WTF. --Remy

Test Case Added

An investment bank had just completed development on a new digital retailing platform. Daniel was assigned to a cross-functional automated test team, gearing up to test the platform's web application—or at least trying to. Charlie, a veteran manual tester from QA, had been vocal in his opposition.

Pulling Teeth

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"Jackie, Brian is leaving the company in two weeks," the boss revealed behind his closed office door. "You'll be taking over maintenance for CONLAB."

Repeat Delete

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Kneaded eraser

Once upon a time, a client contacted Trick R. and asked him to figure out why files were disappearing from their website.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Underscore

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Dollar symbol

An Anonymous source sends us some Java code they found in source control, with really special variable naming conventions. I can only assume this came from a plucky startup hoping to attract venture capital.

The Case of the Missing Signal

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Satellite dish in Austria

"My satellite connection is down," reported the user on the phone. "Can you help me?"