"I knew jobhunting was going to be stressful, but this is just taking the mick," Paul commented.


"I always was curious about the exact average of Suspicious Detections" writes Ross Lindsay, "thankfully, Untangle provides that."


"I forgot my password to a website, so I clicked on the forgot password option and submitted my details," Michael wrote, "when I clicked on the reset password link they sent, this message popped up."


"I'm glad the time service set my clock to the correct time; it was WAY off," David wrote.


"I guess that makes sense," writes Martin "the Aeroplan number for passenger 1 is mandatory because you selected the No Aeroplan Miles discount offer."


"I saw this on a self-checkout machine at Walmart," wrote Keith Richardson, "when the clerk came over, she asked me to use a different machine, so I didn't get to see if she minted her own $0 bills to put in the machine."


"I got this while surfing Netflix on the WD HDTV live," Rob Peters writes, "I answered yes, as it logically did seem to be undefined."


"I was trying to uninstall and then reinstall Portal 2 in Steam on my MacBook Pro and I came across this error message," Ross Lindsay, "in the future, I'll have to first do what?"


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