David Lively spotted this at a Capital One ATM in Texas.


"I received this letter after making a political donation," Kevin, notes "makes sense, since a lot of accountants require eighteen decimal places."


"As if broccoli wasn't bad enough," wrote Scott, "I'm starting to question what they mean by 'Italian pork' too."


"Alright, I just need to enter an affirmative, and th... wait, wha?" writes Jordan. "I guess there is also a WTF in the fact that we're buying Astros tickets."


"Apparently, this display in a metro station in Rome was unable to calculate when the next train would arrive at that time," writes Jan, "Alas, at least it gave me the formula so I could do the math myself."


"Our cold water machine has an interesting definition of cold," writes Mark Howell.


"I rarely unplug my laptop computer but when I did, Debian told me I have 8400 hours of battery left," writes S.X., "I guess it got really, really charged up."


"I thought I'd plan for some medical leave in advance for an doctor's appointment, and I got this," wrote Mark Whybird, "oddly enough, when I followed instructions and entered -3, and it actually interpreted that correctly as the part-day off that I needed."


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