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One of our BA's was nosing around for me to make some changes under the radar. We are under strict orders to do everything via our Change-Management system - no exceptions. The BA knows this. He says that if we put it into the CM system, that the QA people will know about it. I pointed out that that's the whole idea of CM.

He then explained that he didn't want QA to know about this change because then they will start asking questions when they go to test it. When I queried as to why he might not want QA to know about or test a change he wanted, he sheepishly admitted that he had been "cooking the books" by changing the books-and-records after-the-fact, that he had inadvertently admitted doing as such to the folks who oversee such things, that they raked him over the coals, and that he wanted to remove all evidence of what he had been doing.

I asked him what change he needed, and after he walked away, I put it into the CM system: "Change needed: xxx; Reason: eliminate code that [BA] used to cook the books [details], mandated by [oversight team]".

And I get *paid* to be entertained by this guy! God, I *love* my job.

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