"While browsing the New Mexico Corrections Department webpage," writes Bob Dole, "I came across this amazing picture . Most records indicate a lack of picture by simply not showing a picture, but this went a little above and beyond."


Carl Wright writes, "I saw this in Paris and thought I'd risk life and limb in the Parisien traffic to snap it."


"I wanted to give the airport some feedback about the fact that they don't have carpet but ask passengers to remove their shoes," notes Lennart Kudling, "and I came across this choice."


"My friend, NULL NULL, was kind enough to co-sign the loan for me," Vincent wrote, "but unfortunately, I went and waited 1E days too long and my application was denied."


"When I saw this special price," Daveh writes, "I just wanted to buy them all!"


"The online study guide I was using allows you two tries per question to get it right," Alex wrote. "Needless to say, I didn't have much trouble with this one."


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