"Hmmm," Tracy McKibben wrote, "something seems out of place in Amazon's 'Classic Horror Titles' deals."


"I'm not sure when exactly 07149APC is," Brian K commented, "but the cereal still tastes good, so I'm guessing that date has not passed yet."


Seth Jeacopello encountered this message in a system at work.


"This electronic billboard shows which restaurants in the university dining area are open and when," wrote Sagar M., "it's about time they had dining hours to match college life!"


"I encountered this while installing postgres 8.3.3-2," writes Gabor Farkas , "I doubt I'll remember where I put this password, so hopefully I'll find it on TDWTF should I need it later."


"I came across this sign while looking for jeans for my ten year old son," Ryan wrote, "even saving almost $400, I don't think it was worth the deal."


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