"I was a bit worried when I received an alert from the bank telling me that my balance went bellow $25," Mike, "I called the bank to see what was going on, and they chalked it up to a 'minor' error. I'd sure like to know what a major one is..."


"At first I thought the 800x601 requirement was a bit odd," wrote Odi, "but then I realized that my 800x602 resolution should have been more than adequate."


"One of these flip-flop thumbnails is far more appealing to me than the others," wrote Modano, "see if you can guess which one."


"I spotted this while waiting at my local McDonalds drive-thru," Christopher Scholfield writes, "I told the attendant I didn't order that, she didn't quite get the joke."


"My credit card expired, so I thought I'd delete the credit card registration," Karsten wrote, "or not."


"My friend is an old school hacker and has been online for quite a long time," wrote Johnny, "but I'm pretty sure he wasn't idle that long."


"Based on the unit price," Sam writes, "my local grocery appears to have found a supplier of infinitely heavy salami."


"So, which is it," wonders Joey, "or if the error message has been APPROVED, what was the actual message?"


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