"I saw this error message on one of Air Canada's back-of-the-seat terminals," Adrian Petrescu writes, "what a comfortable error message to be reading 11,000 feet in the air."


"Warning: The image had a nasty error."


"I guess that's good to know," Ron writes.



"After sitting patiently for 45 minutes at the doctors office," wrote Mike R., "I broke down and bought Texas Hold'em Poker for my cell phone. For $7.49, it's actually a decent little time waster, except for little logic bugs that creep up occasionally."



"KrisWorld, the entertainment system installed on all Singapore Airlines planes, is a good distraction on long flights," Jiahui notes, "but some features aren't exactly very intuitive."



"Hmm," Dave writes, "I think I'll pick... mmm... a... an Athlon 64!"



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