"I didn't realize how cold of a winter it was until reviewing pics from a skiing trip," Lee Hasiuk, writes "at least it was few tenths of a degree warmer than absolute zero."


"The number of grams in an ounce is a mystery to many," Carlos S. writes, "but Nescafé came close... and then they didn't."


"I assume the demographic they're trying to identify here is 'people who don't read survey questions properly'," writes Andrew Roberts, "either that... or zombies."


"This is my claim ticket from using an the digital photo printing kiosk at WalMart," Brian Hartvigsen writes, "so I get my picture when?


B.W. spotted this in his Add/Remove Programs.


Syl Bou wonders, "if I chose No, what is it going to do again?"


"This happened when trying to add a temporary driver to my insurance," Martin Meredith writes, "apparently, 34 years old is younger than being 16."


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