"Back in March, I changed the billing address on my account," wrote Jim Stutsman, "Shortly thereafter I received a postcard advising me that the address had been changed, and if it was in error I should contact AT&T immediately. A few days later another card arrived with the same message. And again. And again. To date I have received more than 80 postcards and two letters, all identical except for the date. If that's not love, what is? Thanks AT&T!"


"I found this on the instructions for a shower curtain rod," wrote Joshua Armstrong, "despite not having an X" diameter drill bit, I was able to make due with a 1/4" bit."


Vicki Krimbel writes, "thankfully, it will cool off by noon."


"I came across this when I popped over the road for some money," writes Tom, "I guess the real question is just how much hardware can a cash point have attached to it?"


"I never heard about Microsoft 'No Response' site before," wrote Antonio Bakula.


"I received the attached message when attempting to install the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit," writes Scott.


Micah Muller writes, "it is going to be a little hard to correct this error for a ZIP code."


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