Sho Fukamachi was surprised to see such great price a new car. "Unfortunately," Sho added, "even that price is too high for such an ugly, crappy car." I'll reserve my opinion until I figure out what that price translates to in USD.

(still live)


"After getting several general messages about the not being able to connect to the mail server," Dan Kaminsky wrote, "I got this more descriptive one."


Wilson, just think how much our stock options will be worth when we get back!

(found by P.D.)


Eden writes, "the UK Government is so good with large IT projects it some times forgets that people might like to contact them by phone."


"This is the message I got when I switched to ESPN on my WestJet flight," Marc Laflamme wrote, "I really didn't want to know what kind of flight operation was necessary to get this channel."


"I got this one while attempting to change my password in Teamcenter," wrote Calli Arcale, "I guess they have a slightly... erm, propietary... definition of 'change'."


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