These days, Accessibility is all the rage. I wish I could say it was actually driven by §508 Requirements, W3C Standards, and an all-in-all good faith effort to allow “differently abled” people to access content. But it hasn’t. As long as we, the majority, can access content, that’s all that really matters.

Fortunately, the mobile revolution has forced us to go Accessible. Now that we need to access content with our “differently abled” smartphone gadgets, we need that content to be Accessible. Bonus for the “differently able” people, I suppose.

This exact mobile-viewable need is what drove Dave’s company to “rethink” their website’s Accessibility. The existing Accessibility was best summed with the following Representative Line. It’s a hyperlink to their statement on Accessibility…


<a href="javascript:popup('../accessibility.htm');">Accessibility</a>
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