"I saw this at on a local gas station's pump," wrote Ryan Neufeld. "Debit? Yes? Cashier? I don't get it."


"This came from the membership side of a financial market research site," Shea wrote, "It was an easy decision. I cancelled my subscription."


"I spotted this on the Samsung SDS website," Peter Kelley writes, "Maybe the translators should have used a better way to indicate that the text was a comment."


"I caught this at the Safeway in Pleasanton, CA," wrote Scott Johnson. "Is it an underflow? An overflow? I don't know. At least the spiny thing (single kWh?) still worked.


"We use a certain 'business mashup' application to power our internal bug tracking system, and we normally let the helpdesk enter our bugs" notes John. "One day, I thought I'd enter one in myself. When I hit 'submit bug', it asked me to verify the workflow and then it displayed this. I decided to call for help instead."


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