"I can think of all kinds of ways to use $0," Steve wrote, "pay off my $0 credit card balance, pay my $0 dentist bill..."


"I was searching for a backpack on Amazon and found a rather interesting camera case," F.B. wrote, "I wasn't sure if it was supposed to allow the camera to survive sinking of my boat or re-entry."


J.H. got this while trying to log in to his mail provider.


"I'm pretty sure my long password was fairly complex," Roman Vaughan.


Mike Smithwick is pretty sure this wasn't part of the punchline.


"I guess the prices per number of roses are really not derivable from a function," notes Weps, "Anyways, I'm glad they didn't start at 500."


"I think I'll go and do something else," writes Paul Smith.


"I came upon a problem while filling out a health insurance application," Brian wrote, "it would not let me proceed with the selections, and selecting a different 'no' didn't help".


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