Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off the New Year (and celebrate the new, new, new name), I'm giving away a whole bunch of free stickers!

The "TheDailyWTF.com" sticker is a 2"x3" sticker that's designed "to last outdoors for a long, long time" and is "great for applying to anything that gets exposed to the elements of weather." It's made of vinyl (which means that it's easy to remove in one piece) and doesn't have a super-strong adhesive (which means that removing it won't also remove whatever it's attached to).

Visit the Free WTF Sticker Page to get yours.

UPDATE: Due to the large number of users who already have a "WorseThanFailure.com" sticker (aka, WTF Sticker v1.0), we have developed a solution: the WTF Sticker v1.0 to v2.0 Patch Kit!

Although WTF Sticker v2.0 can be installed directly on top of an existing installation of WTF Sticker v1.0, many users have customized their existing WTF Sticker v1.0 or are otherwise not in a position to perform a full-sticker upgrade. For these scenarios, a Patch Kit has been developed that will allow an installation of WTF Sticker v1.0 to act functionally identical to that of a WTF Sticker v2.0 installation. In addition, this Patch Kit does not prevent or otherwise hinder any future full-sticker upgrades.
How Can I Get A Patch Kit?

Patch Kits are currently available on the WTF Sticker page.

How Do I Install A Patch Kit?

Installation of the WTF Sticker v1.0 to v2.0 Patch Kit should take approximately ten minutes.

  1. Ensure that the kit is complete. Patch Kits are shipped with the following parts:
      •  One (1) #WTFPK12TDWTF1 ("small TheDailyWTF.com sticker")

    Contents of the WTF Sticker v1.0 to v2.0 Patch Kit
  2. Apply #WTFPK12TDWTF1. Remove the protective backing from #WTFPK12TDWTF1 ("small TheDailyWTF.com sticker") and carefully apply the adhesive side over the "WorseThanFailure.com" text on your WTF Sticker v1.0 installation

    Application of #WTFPK12TDWTF1

  3. That's it! Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

    Good job!

Are There Any Known Issues With The Patch Kit?

Following are the known issues as of 12/28/2007:

  • Issue #39676 - Different "TheDailyWTF.com" Color
    On a patched WTF Sticker v1.0, the "TheDailyWTF.com" text is black, while the "TheDailyWTF.com" text on WTF Sticker v2.0 is PMS Warm Red.
    We are currently working to resolve this and may issue an additional patch kit for the WTF Sticker v1.0 to v2.0 Patch Kit.
  • Issue #41139 - Patch Sticker More Sticky
    The adhesive backing on the Patch Kit is much stronger than both WTF stickers.
    This is by design, as a Patch Kit was not designed to be uninstalled.
How May I Use The Patch Kit?

Per the End User License Agreement, the Patch Kit may only be used with a WTF Sticker v1.0. Any other usage of the Patch Kit is expressly forbidden and will immediately invalidate your license to use the Patch Kit.

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