Today is your last chance to (easily) get a WTF Sticker through the free sticker form or PayPal! After today, stickers will only be available via snail mail.

The "" sticker is a 2"x3" sticker that's designed "to last outdoors for a long, long time" and is "great for applying to anything that gets exposed to the elements of weather." It's made of vinyl (which means that it's easy to remove in one piece) and doesn't have a super-strong adhesive (which means that removing it won't also remove whatever it's attached to).

Also, since I’ve been receiving several questions regarding the WTF Sticker EULA, I wanted to tackle a few of the more frequently asked questions here.

Can I transfer ownership of a WTF Sticker?
Yes. The EULA permits ownership transference so long as: (a) WTF Sticker is uninstalled from originally attached surface; (b) any residual stickiness (“adhesive”) left on surface is not used to attach other items; and (c) new owner accepts the EULA. Note that retention of the original wax-paper backing is not required for transferring, but must be discarded or destroyed if it is not transferred with Sticker.

May I attach WTF Sticker to any Surface?
No. The Surface must have a license compatible with the EULA, one that may be superseded by the EULA, or no license at all. While a SurfaceBSD license, for example, is perfectly acceptable, the S-GPL v3 license, which requires that “modifications to Surface … including application or installation of Stickers” will subject all said modifications to the S-GPL v3.

What Advantages are available as a Genuine WTF Sticker holder?
A Genuine WTF Sticker is a high-quality, die-cut vinyl sticker that features an official logo printed in Pantone® Warm Red. Counterfeit WTF Stickers are often photocopied, have little or no adhesive, and are not suitable for outdoor use.

By participating in the WTF Sticker Genuine Advantage program, you will ensure that your WTF Sticker remains properly licensed and supported.

Do I have to prove I have a licensed version of the WTF Sticker v1.0 to get the Patch Kit?
No. However, the WTF Sticker v1.0 to v2.0 Patch Kit has only been tested on WTF Sticker v1.0. Patching other Stickers or Surfaces may produce unexpected results, included severe damage of other Stickers or Surfaces.

Visit the Free WTF Sticker Page to get yours.

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