Good news, everyone. The official The Daily WTF mugs have finally arrived! Well, technically, the mugs have been sitting here in my office for months, but the intern who will mail them out has finally arrived! Either way, now's the time to get your own.

The Daily WTF mugs are serious business. Unlike those namby-pamby, dinky little ceramic mugs you get everywhere else, these mugs hold a whopping 15oz, feature the WTF logo both sides, and are made of solid stoneware. Oh no, they don't mess around. And to prove it, I have testimonials!

You see, back in April, I mandated that all drinkware used by my team be confiscated, destroyed, and replaced with The Daily WTF mugs. Just yesterday, I asked some folks around the office what they thought of their mugs. As expected, there was nothing but rave reviews.

  • Dude, it fits a whole can of pop! I mean, so did ... err, the can of pop, but I'm pretty sure you consider cans to be 'Non-WTF Drinkware.'
  • I can think of nothing more appropriate for client meetings. No, really. Good job, Alex!
  • Well, I kinda liked the mug my son made for me... but, I guess this isn't the worst mug you've required us to use.

I'm certain you'll feel exactly the same way. Just look at how thrilled Mike over in business development was when I had him reenact Mug Upgrade Day. Note the puny, "standard sized" mug (now contraband) used for comparison.

To get your own The Daily WTF mug, just follow one of the PayPal links below. Like the last set of mugs (Digital Donkey), quantities are fairly limited.

Mug w/ US Shipping
(sold out)


Mug w/ Worldwide Shipping
(sold out)
* it's seriously expensive to ship overseas


Mug, Personally Delivered by Alex
(sold out)
* 10% extra for war zones
Jake will come along too for an extra $50


UPDATE: If you're wondering about getting multiple mugs to save on shipping, for now it's limited to one to ensure that Mr. Get-A-Set-Of-Six doesn't leave five others mugless. But, if you would like multiple (or want to add more to your already-placed order), just email me and let me know what's up. Depending on what's left next week, I'll do my best to accommodate.

UPDATE (2): Sold out!

UPDATE (3): I have begun dismantling my Fortress of Mugs (see below), and sent out the first batch on Monday. I'll continue to be sending these out over this weekend, all throughout next week … and most certainly over the following weekend.

That's right, you better stay away from my mug fort!

Shipping times vary by your proximity to Ohio, but the Post Office says it should take anywhere 4-5 days for most in the US, and 7-10 days for outside the US. I’m marking the international packages as “gift” on the declaration form, so hopefully that means there will be no issue with your customs.

UPDATE (4): I have quite a few mugs remaining, but don't plan on selling them anytime soon due to the logistical headache involved with boxing up lots and lots of mugs. But, I'll be more than happy to send you a mug if you send me something of equal awesomeness (see Souvenir Potpourri), or if you stop out to Berea, OH and buy me a beer.

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