Just wanted to give you all an update/conclusion on the Free WTF Stickers.

A total of 668 of you managed to get into the free sticker form between the hours minutes of 12:00P EST and 12:03P EST each day before the day’s 100 stickers were gone. And yes, I realize that 100 * 5 != 668; I coded the form to check the day’s count before loading , not after submitting. A bunch of you (337) also sent postage-paid requests through the mail and PayPal. Props to Michael V for mailing in a printout of a picture (taken on a wooden table, of course) of a screenshot of his word processor software with text asking for a sticker. Here’s a picture of that (taken, of course, on my wooden table):

I’ll be mailing all of these out today and Monday. And of course, by me, I mean that I volunteered my company’s intern, Eric. He’ll mail them out as soon as soon as he gets back with my coffee. And my dry cleaning. And my cat from the vet. You see, here at Inedo, we like to teach our interns the value of choosing the right internship. When they realize the irreparable damage they’ve done to their careers, we remind them, you should’ve interned at FogCreek.

And thanks Robert B. for the extra postage stamps! You were right; not everyone grasped the concept of self-address stamped envelopes. Fortunately, I did not receive a single unaddressed stamped envelope.

If you would still like a sticker, they’re still free, but you’ll have to actually snail mail your request. Take that, Internet! Details are on the free sticker page.

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