As you may have already noticed, I've changed the software that runs The Daily WTF. Before today, the entire site was powered by a hacked-up version of Community Server Forums. It worked, just not so well for how The Daily WTF runs.

The new software was written by yours truly and takes into account a lot of the feedback I’ve gotten over the years:

  • The Home Page is way too big
  • The Article Page should not display the Comments
  • There’s no way to see an entire Series (such as the Pop-up Potpourri)
  • Etc...

While I'm sure this new software doesn't hit every nail on the head, I hope it's more usable and will perform better. I like to think of it as a work-in-progress, so please share your suggestions and feedback.

As for the Forums -- they're still here, but improved: I've replaced Community Server Hacked Edition with a real installation. Less bugs, easier to upgrade. I still stand by Community Server and think it's great software. I'm very glad I was able to keep using it for the forums.

UPDATE: A lot of readers seem to be missing the checkbox on the front page that says "Display Full Article Text" -- checking that box will (surprise, surprise) display the full article text on the home page instead of a summary. It will even remember that preference it in a persistent cookie (and eventually will be remembered as a registered user account setting). I could try to make it stand out a little more with the <BLINK> tag but, sadly, IE doesn't support that ...

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