Every now and then, if the code I posted is especially bad, I'll see quite a few readers question if the code is real. Today I'm expecting to read a lot of those comments. Heck, the first time I saw this code pattern submitted, I thought it was a fake. Seriously, no one would really do this in production code.

The second time it came in, I figured the same thing: just another guy making up a clever submission. By the third or fourth submission, I was pretty convinced that this pattern was real, but I was reluctant to post it because no one else would believe it. And then I spotted it myself. In the wild. On real, production code.

  int idx = 0;
  while (true)
idx++; } } catch (IndexOutOfBoundException ex) { // nil }

My apologies to those who submitted code like this in; I thought you were making it up. I'd give you credit, but I discarded your submission assuming it was fake. If it's any consolation, I now share your pain.

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