"This is the 'user manual' that came with a USB drive caddy I bought a little while ago," Adny H wrote, "I'm so glad to have it since my previous removable drive wasn't so good with my machine plank, no matter how I conjunctioned the hard dish."


"I couldn't recall whether I had signed up for Gradsouthwest.com," S.K. wrote, "after submitting the 'Forgotten Username/Password' form, it's pretty clear I must have."


Kenneth wasn't quite sure how to resubmit...


"I work for a company that runs 65 Pubs, breweries, hotels, theaters, and music venues in the Pacific Northwest," writes Justin. "We have endless problems with Dell printers throughout the organization, and Dell insists that the problems are on our end. I'm beginning to suspect otherwise."


Jon thought it a little odd that his college website considered a number between 1 and 100 to be good security question/answer.


"For some reason," Theo Kincaid Onion wrote, "I was expecting a little more robustness from this video player application."


"Soooo," Aske Olsson wondered, "what kind of box is this?"


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