"I was trying to log into my bank's website when I got this message," L Bakker writes, "am I supposed to call their system admins and relay the message? And what part of displaying my transactions needs Audio? The other funny part is the "Restart Session" link just sends you right back to the same script that generated the error in the first place."


"I was looking to buy an oxygen sensor for my car and landed on Amazon.com,"wrote Zep, "3 billion dollars plus change was a tad more than I wanted to spend."


"I doubt that even if the letters/fonts printed correctly, this will make any more sense," writes G Nubeutel


"One downside of treating a FedEx tracking number as a floating point number is that you lose precision," Ted M. Young writes, "another is that it's just wrong. I wonder how they treat UPS tracking numbers, such as 1Z8A5E940342103962?"


"No thanks, my car is pretty clean now," writes Chris Johnson, "too bad there's no way to decline the upsell."


"I got this while trying to change my password on the Huawei support website," Will Dowling, "what's a continuums bit? This must be a part from a Continuum Transfunctioner, whose mystery is exceeded only by it's power."


"I got this while taking a poll at joyoftech.com," Erich Kitzmüller writes, "it says 'may not round up to exactly 100%.' I think that's a bit of an understatement."


"I'm still waiting to find out what files are missing," writes Oli Allen. "Pressing either button caused the game to go ahead and crash anyway."


"I got this popup on my new Dell laptop," writes Henry Bevan, "I wish I had a monitor like that... or, at the very least, a video wall of ~19 x 14 1080p monitors!"


"I guess a computer crash is better than a taxi crash," wrote Nachman Ziskind.p>


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