Peter S. noticed that his company's flagship product, a parts management system, had a lot of advertised "details" that just didn't seem to work. Being the motivated guy that he is, Pete took it upon himself to fix these, starting with a non-functional search for all container parts given a particular part. Upon looking at the code, he decided that maybe it was just better off left TODO ...

/// returns true if the part is a descendent of the specified part
public bool IsDescendent(int intAncestorNum)
  string strAncestor = intAncestorNum.ToString();
  string start = strAncestor + ",";
  string end = "," + strAncestor;
  string middle = "," + strAncestor + ",";

  // TODO ...
  //if ((Regex.IsMatch(this.PartTree, strAncestor
  return false;

(Update: Fixed typo I made in the code)

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