"While I appreciate Bikesure's pro-active communications," writes Oli Allen, "I really would have preferred some information about my insurance."


"Sometimes our business logic is overwhelming with a home built tool," Mark wrote, "if I forgot to create an activity did I somehow go back in time to already create it?


"Well I was going to download this, evaluate it, and recommend that IBM buy a jillion licenses," writes Sean Cheshire, "but I guess they're not looking for business from three-letter companies."


"I got this when I picked up my order at BestBuy," writes Dan Bunyard, "Maybe they know something I don't, but I cannot foresee a time when we would need trillionth precision in our monetary system."


"Err wait," Shawn D'Alimonte comments, "umm.... what?"


"I was attempting to register my copy of VMware Fusion," D Overell writes, "my job options were limited."


Joshua Primm writes, "You tell everybody: Listen to me, Hatcher. You've gotta tell them! Corn chips are people!"


"I noticed this on the Samsung website when trying to figure out how to get my BluRay remote to control my TV," writes Jonathan Martin, "Why is this a 'popular' question?"


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