"I was a bit surprised to see a debit for my phone bill for $40.01 instead of the normal $40.00," writes Ben Hitchcock, "looking at the actual statement cleared things up."


Erich writes, "Word wrap? Word wrap!? We don't need no steenking word wrap!"


"Apparently, Chrome is unsupported at NBC.com," writes Danny, "hmm... let's see, maybe I should try using Chrome instead?"


Alex notes, "the interesting thing is that it managed to change my password even though it gave me that error."


"I thought I'd try my hand at some mobile development," wrote Paul V, "does anyone know where I can buy some more XPVCOM?


"I saw this error message at a Singapore Mass Rapid Transit station," writes Cyril Boh, "it did not actually count down from 3 and the text did not change in the twenty minutes I was there. I can't help but wonder what device was actually under the threat of being rebooted."


"I was trying to print a jpeg image when i got this error," J W noted, "it seems pretty clear what the problem is."


"A user at my company was entering a new customer in our (third-party) logistics software and made a frightening discovery," writes Bob De Mars, "we can no longer have customers with the letter 'h' in the name!"


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