What's that, you say? We should have an entire Error'd dedicated to CAPTCHA images? Sure, why not!

Alex van Herwijnen spotted this interesting problem presented...


... which, of course Dan Ferrante noticed that ESPN provided a solution for.


You're right though, spousal abuse is not funny. But I know what is! Bathroom humor, like what Scott Lewis found at Ticketmaster!


See? Even Avast! anti-virus software is getting a peece of that action (from Viront).


"Really?" Justin Self wrote, "I have to type this? I just needed some help with Java!"


Well Justin, help was out there... but not for your Java. Matt found this combo, which seems to help with the previous pain in the butt.


I guess I'll take the advice that Tim Gourley saw, at keep it clean from now on.


Moving on, Andy wondered if Bloglines really wanted their CAPTCHA to be linked to the KKK.


"Admittedly, this took me a lot longer to solve than usual," wrote Dan Thompson, "but when I finally got to upload my image, I felt a real sense of achievement."


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