Cob spotted this in his local weekly flier.


"I got this error when I entered an incorrect password on Verizon's internet account management site," writes Cary, "my password did contain letters (just not the right ones), but really Verizon- I don't have that kind of time, and my keyboard doesn't easily support Runic or Cryllic."


"I have this clever 'Noom' app on my Android that tracks my workouts, what I eat, and so on," writes Daniel "Smedegaard" Buus, "but lately it's been tracking my movements rather erratically. Yesterday, taking a walk around a lake, it apparently tracked me as taking a quick detour around Africa's Horn, and then returning immediately. That's the first WTF, the second one is that I knew avocados were pretty fatty, but I had no idea they contained THAT much energy."


"As you might expect, this came from a government website," Steve wrote, "which may explain why it was vague and unhelpful."


"They really, deep down in the cockles of your heart, wanted me to write down my password, right?" writes Joseph Gordon, "Because if it has to be an EXACT character count, that's EXACTly what I did.


"I spotted this in Time Square (NYC) on the way to work," Daniel Boland commented, "I even risked looking like a tourist to take this photo."


"While we all love mindless compulsory corporate training," Mike P writes, "asking us to complete non-causal slideshows required far too much thought."


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