Desperate Recruitment was originally published on November 22, 2007.

The Beat on the Street in Peterborough (England) is that Data Interchange is looking to hire Software Developers. And I mean “on the street” quite literally:

Marty writes:

A colleague of mine left this company a year ago (as one of their most experienced developers) about a month after one of their other senior developers left. Since then, they’ve lost two more quite experienced developers. They’ve obviously got into a bit of a panic and are now fairly desperately trying to recruit.

However, given the eccentric nature of the management in the company, rather than approaching a recruitment agency, or maybe some universities, they decided this was the best approach for getting new employees. This man is stood at the entrance to the business park where the company’s office is.

What kind of developer would relish the opportunity to work for a company that are so half-arsed in their recruitment drive?!
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