For more fun-but-not-necessarily-bad code like today's, check out the previous episode: Coded Smorgasbord: The Pilot Episode!

Let's get things started with Michael, who shows us the easy way to calculate radii!

intRadius = (int)0.5 + radius;


All this time I've spent logging errors, I could've used this solution from I. C.'s colleague.

try {
    return getHostName(url);
} catch (Exception ex) {
    return "";


Ricky H.'s find speaks for itself.

if b = b then
  b = true
end if


P. C. apparently inherited code originally written by an evil genius from deep inside his volcano headquarters.

@{$gst}{keys %{$rec}} = values %{$rec};  # muhahahaha


Submitted anonymously, the code not included in this is sure to offend all of the other colors and creeds.

private static Language Italian = new Language("Italian"); // linguini-eating mobsters


C. C.'s application gracefully recurses when an exception is thrown by whitespace.

public static void checkRational(int rational)
   int myRational = rational;


   catch (Exception ex)


Three lefts are not, in fact, a right, as Chris C. shows.

1000 GOTO 1002
1001 GOTO 1010
1002 GOTO 1001


Paul L. insists that to be safe, you should double up the buffer sizes. You know, just in case.

#define SIZE_2048 2048

struct disk_request (
    BYTE buffer[SIZE_2048];  /* data buffer 1024 bytes long */


Janson discovered buildGroupLink, which is just another way of saying "the answer to life, the universe, and everything."

protected string buildGroupLink(string aIsGroup)
        return "42";


And finally, Allison B. sent in this entry on Octobe#ERROR: DATE DOES NOT EXIST

/* note, system uses 360 days in a year, not 365 */
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