Most Introduction to Computer Science classes teach students about the importance of comments. Some even teach the value of good comments. It is still not surprising to think that a lot of code is speckled with inanity. I've seen it, I think you probably have too. I'm pretty sure I didn't write it but who knows: the author didn't put his name anywhere in the file, just a note following n+=1 explaining that the statement "increments n."

If you ever see something in CodeSOD that looks like it "isn't really a dubya-tee-eff," there are three possibilities: the wtf is the comments, the wtf is that someone made the submission, or the wtf is that Alex lets me write articles. In all three cases, someone has no idea what they're talking about and it's just a matter of whom. That being said Travis would like help tracking down whoever wrote the following comments.

Private Const ACK = 162 'Hex A2
Private Const STX = 160 'Hex A0
Private Const ETX = 175 'Hex AF
Private Const CHANGE_TIMEDATE = 189 'Hex BD
Private Const SETACTIVE = 177 ' Hex B1
Private Const SELECT = 178 ' Hex B2
Private Const RELEASE = 185 ' Hex B9

As he put it, "Instead of using hex notation they added a very helpful comment!" At least those are better than the comments Pete sent in.

  void push(const value_type& _Val)
  {   // insert element at beginning

void pop()
  {   // erase element at end
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